I’m a beginner – How to choose a good web hosting service?

If you are a webmaster, blogger, internet marketer or a developer, you definitely know how important the web hosting company you choose is. If you are new to the market and you have never dealt with purchasing hosting service, in fact you are on the way to build a website or a blog by yourself, please take a few moments and continue reading to avoid the same mistakes I did when started in the online world. A bad choice of web hosting service can ruin all of your hard work and can bring your website irreversible damages. Choosing a good web hosting will award your website with great uptime and performance, and your visitors will be converted more easily into customers.

Avoid free hosting at all cost!

I know from personal experience that every newbie webmaster want to spend as less money as possible so they tend to choose free web hosting, which is a bad practice, because free hosting is unreliable with no security, no backup options and sometime companies who offer their servers for free will force ads on your website. Just imagine that you work hard, advertise your blog which reaches about 100 visitors a day and suddenly the service goes down because the available bandwidth was exceeded. In my opinion it is better to not start a website instead hosting it on a free hosting account, it is just waste of time.

Choosing a paid hosting plan

Now you think that it will be easier to choose a hosting plan, if you want to spend some money. I assure you, it won’t be! There are so many companies that offer hosting service, but as you know in offline world some offer very good other offer poor service. It is always worth investing some time in research before you go with a particular company. We have created a list of the best web hosting companies that we tested and recommend them with good faith. Before you choose any hosting plan, you have to define your needs: what type of website you want to host, what is your level of knowledge to manage your site, what additional features you need besides hosting, you want to register domain name as well, want to advertise your site on Google? So if you know the answers to these questions, you are ready to choose the hosting company that offers you the best features at the best price.

Why support so important if I choose a good host?

importance of hosting supportIf you sign up with a poor quality hosting, that not only means that the server your website hosted on will go often offline, but it may also mean that customer or technical support will not react to your email or phone calls in time or at all. But what if you choose a good hosting company, why you still need customer support? Even if you know how to set up your website or how to install WordPress to your blog, it is always important to have a person online who can help you. It may be only a small thing that you have to change in your hosting account but you even don’t have access to change it or you simply don’t know what to change; having a professional and trained support, will make your experience a lot better.

Conclusion on choosing a good hosting company

So just to underline the facts I said before: never use free host if you are building a professional website; always check customer reviews and spend some time to analyze different aspects of the hosting company (ie. just contact the support and see how fast they react); know what are your requirements and choose the company mostly based on this.

Hope you found this tutorial helpful, if you did, please share your opinion by leaving a comment, and if it really helped you and would recommend it to your friends, please like it and share it. Many thanks!

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  1. Willie Reply

    I agree with the author about the technical support. Many WordPress developers do not know what happens behind the scenes and how web servers work. Also, bonus features should be considered before making any payments. I joined Rosehosting few months ago and I really like their wide selection of features. Thanks.

  2. Leo Reply

    Nice article! Many useful advice! Can you recommend a good host for a startup based on your experience?

  3. Redhat Certification Reply

    Thanks for sharing useful information. I was looking for such information. keep sharing.

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