Choosing the Best Cheap Web Hosting

The best way to start your first website is to get a cheap web hosting account. Why choose a cheap hosting plan instead using a free host? Paying few bucks per month for hosting will enable you way more many features and opportunities than a free hosting provider. In this article I will show you how to build a website and which are the best cheap web hosting providers you should consider in 2016.

When it comes to building a website, I always like to choose WordPress. Not only because is one of the best content management system available on the market today, but has lots of benefits such as: is free to use, easy to learn and get started with, expandable (allows to extend its functionality and build any type of website), lots of online tutorials and guides, great community support and much more.

Another great reason why many people like to use WordPress for their website is that it does not require any technical skills. No coding experience, no designer skills are needed to build a site with this software. However to run your website, you will need a good web hosting plan.

When buying web hosting, the price should not be a decisive factor for your hosting choice. But it is important though to compare different hosting providers and choose the plan that fits your website needs and budget. Expensive hosting does not necessary mean better service. It is not true either that cheap hosting sucks. Here are 3 cheap web hosting providers that I prefer and recommend:

Best Cheap Web Hosting Companies I Recommend:

Web Host Best Price
#1 best inexpensive web host $1.99 / mo  
#2 best cheap web hosting 2017 $3.95 / mo
#3 best cheap hosting site $3.95 / mo  

These hosting companies are great for hosting WordPress or any other small websites. They allow hosting multiple sites under one hosting account and give you a free domain name as well.


iPage – Have Been Using it for Years!

ipage best cheap hostingI have been recommending iPage for years. Check out my iPage review to see why. Today I consider iPage still a very good web hosting provider and I still host couple of websites with them.

Over the years I have had a very good experience with iPage. Has never had any major issue with the company: the support was always great and the service as well. I have also been monitoring my websites lately because I was very curious about server uptime and website performance. Have heard some rumors that iPage is overselling and their servers are getting slower, but from my test resulted that this is not true. I have got almost 100% uptime with an average 400 ms response time. I should also mention that have been monitoring my sites for more than 6 months.

I have placed iPage on the second position of my top budget hosting list, only because their website builder allows you to create a website with up to 6 pages. Surely you can add more pages if you upgrade your standard account, but that will cost you more.

Ipage is easy to use; the control panel is very simple and straight forward. WordPress and other scripts can also be installed with just couple clicks, so it is very easy to get started with a new website.

BlueHost – Best Cheap Host for WordPress Blogs

bluehost best cheap hostingBlueHost might not be as cheap as iPage, but it is still under the $5 /month mark, which I consider to be cheap hosting. If you are looking to build one or multiple website using WordPress, then BlueHost is the company I recommend for you.

If you want to find out more, please read my BlueHost review. I highly recommend BlueHost to my friends and clients as well.

HostGator – From Personal to Enterprise Level

hostgator best cheap hostingIf you are just starting out, but planning to grow bigger, I recommend choosing HostGator. The company offers a wide range of hosting plans from personal to enterprise hosting. For personal or small business, you can choose one of their shared plans, for ecommerce you should pick a VPS plan, while for bigger websites with high traffic you should go for cloud or dedicated hosting.

If you are interested in purchasing one of HostGator’s plans, I suggest checking out this HostGator coupon page, where you find the latest discount and promotion codes.

I used to recommend eHost and HostClear, but since they are discontinuing their service, I no longer advice new customers to sign up with them.

ehost review


Ehost is definitely one of my favorite shared hosting providers. I used to recommend iPage as the best cheap host, but lately I consider that eHost is better. Don’t get me wrong, iPage is still a very good host to get started with, but eHost has more features.

I really like that eHost has tons of features and it is very user friendly. Their system is so easy to use, that almost anyone can start a website within an hour. You don’t need to have experience of website building, everything is straight forward: login to your account, choose website builder, choose a template (design), customize it with ease with the drag and drop functionality, upload your content (text, videos, images, etc) and publish your website.

Another aspect that I like about eHost is that you can install WordPress or any other CMS quickly. Ehost allows hosting as many websites as you want. Now you want to create a new site for your new idea: you just register your domain, go to the Quick Install tool and click on the WordPress icon, fill in the required details, and your system is ready in few minutes. Love it!

I know that eHost does not have the lowest price on the market. But as I told you before, the price should not be your main concern when choosing web hosting.

In my opinion the price-features ratio is the best for eHost, this is why I consider eHost the number one best cheap hosting provider.

hostclear reviews


Although I don’t have a very long history with HostClear, but my experience with them is very positive. The company is operating since 2008 but I didn’t used them until 2015. HostClear offers cheap cPanel hosting, a free domain, lots of marketing credits, cloud storage and SiteBuilder.

HostClear is very similar to eHost, while offering cPanel and SiteBuilder in the same web hosting plan. The pricing is also very close to eHost, HostClear costing more with few cents.

I really like that with HostClear you can start a website basically in minutes. Sure, if you don’t have any experience it will take you more time, but even though creating a professional website does not require any programming or designing.

You can find out more about HostClear in my detailed review, where I reveal my uptime and performance test and also my experience with the company.

HostClear is definitely a good choice if you are looking for a reliable cheap web hosting plan.

Is Cheap Hosting Good for Business?

Your plan is to create a website for your business to get more customers? You should note that the success of your website is not only the result of good marketing strategy but it also depends on the web hosting you use. Just like in the case of a house. A good foundation is required for the house to not collapse, even when the circumstances are very sever.

The hosting companies I mentioned above (iPage, BlueHost and HostGator) are great for hosting small business sites. In fact I’m using all 3 companies for different website projects and I’m very satisfied with the price/performance ratio. In my opinion these companies are among the best cheap web hosting providers. I highly recommend all 3 of them!

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