Best Rating Plugins for WordPress – How to Build a Review Website?

Having a WordPress website or blog can be very beneficial, but older posts (which are actually very good) get lost after a while. Allowing your users to see older posts can lead to a great situation, especially since you are going to get more views on content that you have already finished working on. Rating plugins for WordPress can help you in this without much hustle. Most of the plugins that you are going to find on the list are easy to use and they are also highly customizable, so you do not have to change anything about your design, they are going to fit in perfectly.

As nobody likes to go through the WordPress plugin repository and search for plugins that fit their criteria, we have decided to compile a list of some of the best free as well as premium rating plugins that you can get your hands on. Without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s jump straight into the list and take a closer look at the pros and cons of each plugin.

Google Places Reviews

google places wordpress review plugin

Google Places is a very popular platform for business owners, where they are able to list their shops, stores or any other establishment and allow users to comment, rate and review their services. This plugin allows you to integrate these already written reviews into your WordPress site via a simple widget.

The Google Places Reviews plugin currently has around 6.000 active installs and an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. There are a few authors and developers behind this project and they are working on improving the plugin on regular basis.

One of the main advantages of this plugin is that you do not have to spend hours setting it up and trying to get it to work. All you need is the Google Places API and the plugin itself. Once you have both of these things, you can simply go to your Appearance tab and drag-and-drop the widget to the desired location. When you insert the widget to the right place, you are going to be presented with a few options that you can play around with, such as the title of the widget, the location from which reviews will be shown and various other things.

Customizing the widget to your liking is also a possibility, as you can change the color scheme, the lowest review rating that will be shown, placement of the widget and you can tweak other review and display options as well.

Once you are done with editing the widget to look and operate exactly as you need it, it is time to look at the outcome. Refresh the page and you will immediately see the new widget pop-up on the sidebar. Based on the settings that you have chosen, various reviews will be shown.

If you prefer implementing reviews into newer posts, rather than attaching them to the sidebar of your site, you can use the shortcodes that come with the plugin and put the reviews into each of your posts and pages. This is also a very good alternative, especially for those who already have different widgets in the sidebar.

The plugin has a free as well as a premium version that you can choose from. The best thing that you can do is try out the free one and if you feel like you need additional services, only then should you purchase a paid plan. With the Pro version, you get additional review slots, you can enter detailed information about your store, choose from various widget themes as well as gain access to the amazing support team which is behind this project.

Pros: If you already have a business set up on Google Places, this plugin simply allows you to showcase these reviews on your WordPress site. This is an important thing for many people, as they no longer have to ask their customers to leave reviews on their site as well.

Cons: Without Google Places you are not really able to use this widget. The only thing that this plugin does is transfer your reviews from Google Places to your WordPress site. There are better alternatives on the list for allowing your audience to leave reviews directly on your personal site or blog.

WP Customer Reviews

wp customer reviews wordpress plugin

With over 40,000 active installs, WP Customer Reviews is by far the most popular review plugin on the list. The rating of the tool is also pretty positive, as it has 4.4 stars out of 5.

Unlike Google Places Reviews, this plugin does not require you to have an account and already written reviews on third-party sites, but it rather allows you to give your audience a chance to write reviews straight on your WordPress site. This is a huge deal, as you could start learning what your users like and dislike about your services immediately, as soon as you download and activate the plugin.

Once you have activated the plugin, you can start setting it up. There are a few things that you need to do before you could start receiving the reviews, such as entering the location, name as well as a brief description of your business. This is crucial, as people will want to know where they can find you. When you are done with this, you can add the newly created shortcode into a new page and you can start receiving reviews and testimonials in a few seconds.

You are also able to showcase the reviews that were left based on the star rating or other criteria. The Admin dashboard allows you to select from the submitted reviews, publish, delete or draft them according to your needs. Bulk actions are also possible, so you should not waste your time with individually going through all of the reviews.

Through the options page, you can create your unique form by adding fields that you require. Some of the things that are necessary are the name of the client and their email address. You can simply add additional fields if they are necessary without any problems. As you will see, there are various fields that can be customized to be exactly as you need them to be. This gives you huge control over what your users can fill out and you will get the information that you need.

The plugin is free and there are no hidden fees or services that are locked away. This is a great thing, as anybody is able to try the plugin out for themselves without having to worry about spending money on something that they do not really need.

If you encounter any bugs and errors or you simply want to suggest a new feature that should be added, you can simply visit the support forums and you can create a new entry. Most of the features that were added to the plugin have been implemented because of user feedback, so do not be discouraged and leave a comment if you think the plugin is missing something.

Pros: This highly customizable plugin is great for anybody who wants to allow their WordPress site visitors to leave reviews and testimonials about their business or services. With the custom fields, you can get exactly the information that you need and this should help you and your business grow and evolve into something better.

Cons: There are a few known bugs that users have reported on, but the development team behind the plugin is trying to resolve these problems on a daily basis. The settings page might be daunting for beginners, but everybody should be able to easily create a page where their audience can leave reviews.


There you have it; two of the best review plugins which are available for us right now. Based on what you require, you can choose between the two or you can even try both of them out without having to sign or pay anything. Being able to test the plugins out is a huge deal that you should not miss out on. Take a closer look at some of the additional features that are offered and you should have no problem choosing from the listed plugins.

As WordPress is one of the largest content management systems on the World Wide Web, choosing the right plugins can save you a lot of time as well as effort. This is exactly why we have already created multiple lists that you can inspect, based on the type of plugin that you are looking for. There are plugins for literally everything that you would need and the best thing is that most of them have a free version that you can download immediately.

If you would like to take a look at some of our previous lists, where we have discussed social media plugins, tools that help you implement media into your blog or site, security plugins as well as various other types of tools, be sure to inspect some of the lists that we have published. You are surely going to find something that you like and this is going to make your life and workflow a lot easier.

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