Best Free & Premium YouTube to MP3 Converters

Best Premium YouTube to Mp3 Converters

People in the 21st century do not have to worry about being bored, as we can easily find entertainment through one of the many websites that we have access to. YouTube has become one of the most popular video sharing platforms and you can find any type of video on it. There are literally millions of new videos being uploaded on a daily basis by different users. YouTube has also become one of the best platforms to promote your business and website.

There are a few nice things that we can do on this site, like subscribing to some of our favorite content creators, we can also like and favorite certain videos share them with our friends and comment how we feel about what we just saw. Unfortunately, we are not able to easily download these videos for later use, that is, without the right software.

Thankfully, there are numerous software and online websites which allow us to download as well as convert these videos into a variety of different formats. This means that if you wish to download a video that you enjoy very much, you can do so by using one of the services which are on the list below.

If you use any of the entries, you will not only be able to download any video that you wish, but some programs come with additional services as well, so be sure to focus your attention and take notes!

Wondershare AllMyTube

AllMyTube by Wondershare is revolutionary software which allows you to easily and efficiently download any type of video from a plethora of supported websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, MTV, Dailymotion and many others. In addition, once you have downloaded the desired video, you can instantly start converting it into another format as well.

Choosing the resolution and quality of the videos is also a possibility, by default it is set to 480p, but you can go all the way up to 2160p if you want to have the highest quality videos on your hard drive. You need to remember, that higher quality videos take up more space, so keep that in mind when you are choosing the resolution.

The interface of the downloader is aesthetic and user-friendly. Everything is nicely located in the main window and you do not require a tutorial or guide to know how to operate it.

There are two main methods of downloading videos; you can copy-paste the URL of the desired video or you can also use the built-in Download button which will appear above any video that you look at in the future. Both of these methods are very fast and in seconds, you can watch the download process. Depending on your internet speed, the video will be downloaded in a few minutes and you can start converting or watching it.

Once you have the video downloaded, you will see a new Convert button appear. If you click on it, you can choose one of the many formats that you want to convert the .mp4 file into. Some of the available formats are .mp3, .avi, .mov and you can also convert files into 3D videos as well. You also have the option to use device specific formats. The available devices are categorized by their manufacturer and you can choose between Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony and many others.

There are various settings that you are able to tweak as well, such as the location of the downloaded files, maximum number of tasks which can run at the same time, as well as the default video quality. You should also consider turning “Auto download YouTube closed captions” off if you do not want subtitles under your video.

The software is not free; however, you can still try it out, with limitations. You are only allowed to download and convert up to 5 videos and you won’t be able eligible for support or the newest updates which are released.

Different payment plans are available and you can choose the one that you like the most. The 1 Year License costs $19 and it allows you to use the full version of the software, for one year and on one PC. The Lifetime License is the most popular choice, as it gives you access to a lifetime support, updates as well as all of the available functions which are in the full version. This will cost you a one-time payment of $29. If you want to use the software on multiple computers, you can also choose the Family license which is for up to 5 devices and it costs $72.50.

Any of the premium versions allow you to download whole YouTube playlist with a click of the mouse and you also gain access to upcoming updates and the support function as well.

Pros: The abundance of available features makes this software one of the best on the market for downloading and converting clips from any popular video sharing website. There are numerous amazing additions that you get with it, such as the Video Recorder which allows you to simply record your desktop.

Cons: The free version has lots of limitations and you cannot really use the program for a long time without having to purchase a license. Some of the limitations consist of only being able to download and convert 5 videos and the Video Recorder also only allows up to 2 minutes of record time.

Download: Win | Mac


Another strong competitor, Airy also allows us to download any video from YouTube. The main difference between this and other entries on the list is the simplicity of the application. Once you download and install it, you will see a very simplistic window which is all there is to the software.

In this pop-up, you should paste the video URL into the field, choose the format and resolution that you wish to download it in and click on the Download button. Once you do this, you will be asked to choose a folder or destination for the downloaded file. Setting the location will start the download and in minutes, you will have the video or .mp3 file on your desktop or in the folder that you have previously specified.

The supported formats that you can choose from are: .mp4 from 144p all the way up to 720p, .gp3 in 144p or 240p and you can also choose to only download the .mp3 audio file.

A personal license of Airy costs $19.95 for a single PC, but you can also purchase a family package for $39.95, which allows usage of the software on three personal computers. Adding the Urgent Support Plan costs an additional $15 per year.

Pros: This is simple, yet very effective software for downloading any type of video from YouTube. All that is required is to paste the URL or use the Bookmark shortcut to acquire the media that you want to get from the video sharing platform.

Cons: Without purchasing the license, you are really only allowed to try the application out, as you are limited to only two downloads, after which the program is unusable.

Download: Win | Mac

YTD Video Downloader

The last entry on the list is the famous YTD Video Downloader. This application has been around for a long time and it is still just as effective as it was on the day it was introduced to the World. The design of the software might not be as appealing as others, but it gets the job done!

Once you install YTD Video Downloader and open it, you will see that there are different tabs that you can use. In the first one, you can choose a destination for the downloaded files and if you are a Pro user, you can also choose a default format to which all of the files will be automatically converted. This will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. You can also manually convert any files in the second tab.

The trial version allows you to download any number of videos, but you are limited to one at a time and you can only use it for a limited time.

Some of the features which are in the $29.90 Pro version are the ability to download multiple videos at the same time, a built in download accelerator, ad-free experience and being able to convert multiple videos with only one click.

Pros: This is the most generous trial version that you will find on the list, as it is not limited to the number of downloads that you can have, but rather to a timeframe.

Cons: Without purchasing a yearly license, many useful functions are turned off and you are only able to scratch the surface of what this software is capable of.

Official website

If you are looking for a reliable YouTube video downloader and converter, the options on the list should be sufficient for anybody. Depending on how much you would like to spend as well as deciding based on the features that the applications have, you should be able to make a good decision and you can finally start downloading all of the videos that you wanted to have.

Best free YouTube to Mp3 Converters

Previously, we have listed some of the best premium, paid applications when it comes to downloading and/or converting videos from YouTube or any other popular video sharing website. Today, we will discuss some free alternatives that you can use if you do not wish to pay for these services.

Some of the entries on the list require you to download the program to your personal computer, while others do not require anything from you. You can even use some without having to register an account. This makes the whole converting and downloading process hustle free and you can spend time on more meaningful things.

Depending on the service, the download time may vary, as it not only depends on your internet speed, but the stability and capabilities of the servers which are handing your request. The time has come to delve into some free options for downloading and converting YouTube videos to .mp3 or other formats.

If the only thing that you are looking for is a free and simple solution for downloading .mp3 files from a YouTube video, this is the way to go! Not only that you do not have to download anything, but you are not even obliged to register an account.

Simply enter the URL of the desired video and in a few minutes you can download the audio file without any restrictions. The time of the conversion mostly depends on the speed of the website’s servers as well as how busy it is at the moment.

The other great thing about this website is that it can be used from a variety of different operating systems and devices, such as Mac, Windows as well as iPhone.

The site has been translated into a plethora of different languages, like French, Polish, Turkish, Italian, Russian, Serbian and many others.

Pros: This website offers one of the simplest options when it comes to downloading YouTube videos in .mp3 format. The process is not only straight-forward, but very fast as well. Enter the URL of the video, click on Convert Video and you can instantly start downloading the file.

Cons: As this is a very simple website, you cannot really do anything else on it, other than simple YouTube to .mp3 conversion. The service is very fast and easy, but it lacks any additional features that other entries might have.

Official website

aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher is a feature packed software which is free for anybody. The official website allows you to download the full version without any registration required. The setup process is done through a setup wizard and you will be asked if you wish to install additional features and a toolbar as well.

When you first start the application up, you need to choose the preferred language from a list. English, German, French, Polish and Spanish are only a few of the language options that you can choose from.

Once the software loads up, you will be treated to two different windows. Once contains the main menu, where you can choose actions, such as the Video Converter, Screen Capture, Audio Record or you can also browse for videos and music. The other window is the actual screen which allows you to download videos.

There are various settings that you can tweak and you might be a little bit lost once you see all the different buttons and functions. Changing the default folder in which the downloaded files will be stored is a very good way to start. You simply click on the path destination and choose the Change my output folder option.

By clicking on the URL del Video button, you will be redirected to a page which contains all the supported websites from which you can catch the videos that you want. The list is huge, so you will most probably find the website that you are looking for.

Once you have located the video in your chosen browser, copy the URL and paste it into the URL field. Once this is done, you can click on the Download button, after which a new window will appear, containing all the different resolution and format choices that you have. Choose the one that you like the most and your download will start immediately.

There are many additional features which are included in this software as well, such as the Screen Capture which allows you to capture the whole screen or only parts of it without any limitations. Sound will also be recorded. You can set a certain amount of time after which recording will stop, but you do not have to, as you can manually stop it whenever you feel like it.

In addition to all of this, aTube Catcher also functions as a DVD/Blu-Ray burning ROM as well.

Pros: If you look at the offered features and you take into consideration that this is free software, you will realize that this is an amazing deal! Not only that you will get a highly-functioning YouTube or other video file catching application, but many other features as well, such as the Recorder or the burning ROM.

Cons: Starting out with the application might be hard for some people because of the fact that it is fully packed with different things that you can do. If you do not want complicated software, this might not be for you.

Official website

Free YouTube Downloader

As the name might suggest, this is a free application which can be used to download YouTube videos in audio or video format. This is not a function packed software, like the others on the list, but when it comes to downloading and converting certain videos from YouTube, it gets the job done!

Once you enter the URL of the video, you will see the thumbnail and you can choose whether you want to download an audio or video file. The quality of the videos, the format as well as choosing different extensions is possible and it is very easy to locate and use the one that you are looking for.

The interface is simple, yet very appealing, as you are constantly able to see all of the available functions that you can choose from. Things such as the size of the file, the format, dimensions, as well as the name are visible.

Changing the default folders for the files, the maximum number of downloads which can run at the same time, the software language, as well as notifications can be turned on and off. The options menu contains some important things that you will want to take a look at and set them according to your needs.

If you have any questions about the software, you can freely contact the support team and ask for guidance. There is also a frequently asked questions page, where you can find answers for most common questions that people might have.

The software is free and you do not have to pay anything for it, but you can choose to donate to the team who is behind the application or you can also choose to become a fan on some of the major social media websites that we use, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Free YouTube Downloader constantly gets different updates and patches, which further increase the user experience and this is exactly the reason why so many people choose it when it comes to grabbing YouTube videos and downloading them.

Pros: If you do not need a function packed software, but rather a simple one that allows you to download your favorite videos in the needed formats.

Cons: Many people find the lack of features a huge turnoff and they rather avoid this software. It is true, there are better alternatives on the list that can offer you so much more, but if you only need a simple tool, this might just be the one that you have been looking for.

Official website


As you can see, you do not have to spend all of the money that you have in your wallet just so you could download YouTube videos in various formats. With this list, you should be able to find a free alternative that not only gives you what you are looking for, but a lot more.

It all depends on what you currently need; a simple website through which you can instantly download .mp3 files, a function-filled software which gives you to ability to record your screen, burn DVDs and much more in addition to downloading and converting YouTube videos or a handy tool that you can use to download files in a certain format.

As all of the above options are completely free, you can download and try any of them out. Worst case scenario, you simply uninstall the unwanted applications and stick with the one that you like the most. There are no restrictions on the available software, so you can download to your heart’s content without having to worry about limitations.

There might be better, paid alternatives, but these applications should be efficient for a lot of people, especially those who do not wish to spend any money.

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