Choosing the best wordpress theme for your website

When choosing a theme for your wordpress site you should think in long term, not only because you don’t change the design every week, but a theme can really affect SEO and the design of your site is the first impression for your visitors. In this article I will show you how to choose the perfect wordpress theme and will talk about the mistakes that many website builders make.

Select a design related to your niche

I know that any design can be converted, redesigned and adapted to an industry, even if the original theme was designed with a totally different purpose, but if you want to save time for yourself you should pick a theme that is appropriate to your topic. If your website is about cars, probably you don’t want to have a design that suggests something else. Choosing a generic theme is also not a bad option if you consider adapting it to your unique style.

Keep it simple!

Who likes complicated things? I don’t! There are so many free themes available you can choose from, some with simple, strait forward designs, and others with very complex layout that requires reading a manual to set it up. Choose a theme that has a simple design and can be easily modified if needed. Don’t forget to check if the theme is responsive, this is also a very important factor, because these days mobile traffic is increasing significantly.

Web browser compatibility

Make sure that you choose a theme that is compatible with all major web browsers. Most of designers ignore IE6, and I have to confess that I’m not a big fan of IE, however when making a template I always check if it looks ok on every web browser. You should also do the same, because, believe it or not, still many people are using older Internet Explorer versions. I highly suggest checking if the theme looks well on smart phone as well.

Free themes vs. commercial themes

When you select a wordpress theme, free or paid version, one thing you should check is the terms of service. For example if you choose a free theme, does the theme developer allow you to use it for a commercial website or you are limited to personal or non-commercial sites? Most of free theme designers include a link in the footer, this is not a problem at all, but when the theme is full of unrelated links that may cause problems to your website.

If you are looking for quality free wordpress themes, we are working on creating some, but until that you can check out the theme directory on

If you are looking to commercial themes, here are couple website where I buy themes with confidence:

ElegantThemes – my favorite website to buy high quality themes; for only $69 you will have access to over 80 themes for a whole year. You will get premium support on their forum, and each theme comes with full documentation. – another great website where you can purchase premium themes from different designers. The cost of a theme is around $40, depends on the complexity and popularity of the design.

WooThemes – I choose this site when building an ecommerce site based on Woocommerce. Their themes are also high quality, well documented and supported.

If you are looking for a custom and unique WordPress theme, then please contact us for custom wordpress development service.

Setting up your theme

Now that you found and pick a theme that you are pleased with, you have to install it your website. I’m sure most of you will know that, but here is a quick guide if you may forget how to do it.

After you download the theme in a .zip format you can both unpack and upload it via FTP to the following directory of your wordpress installation:


Or upload it from the wordpress dashboard by accessing the following link:

[alert-success]Appearances > Themes > Add New[/alert-success]

add new wordpress theme to your blog

Once you have uploaded the theme, the only thing you have to do is to activate it right from the link I mentioned above. Most of the times themes have custom options like directly upload logo image, change font styles and theme colors without accessing the code. The theme option link is usually placed in the Appearances tab, so you should search it there.

wordpress theme options

You are now done with the setup of the theme; enjoy the new design of your website!

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