How to create a Call-To-Action in Joomla

Call to action (CTA) is used in marketing to convert more website visitors into leads or customers. This is a very simple design element, used on websites, that stands out from the main content and stimulates the reader to take action. Usually call to action will guide the user to a registration form, to a subscriber form or to the purchase page.

In this quick tutorial I will show you few tricks on how to create a call to action in Joomla, and integrate it into your content.

Create call-to-action image

Creating a cool image that will attract your visitors attention can be a good way to increase conversion. You can create an image with Photoshop or other image editing software.

First off, choose a cool background for your image, add your title that will grab more attention, and create a cool button. Here is a quick example I designed:

call to action free joomla templates

Once your image is ready, go to your Joomla website’s Module Manager, create a new Custom HTML module and upload the image. Insert the image into module’s text editor, place the link on the image, hide the title of the module and publish the module to a non-existing module position (this is necessary because, you only want this module to be displayed in the content).

custom html call to action

Now go to the article you want to place the module in, and add the following code anywhere in the text:

{loadposition calltoaction}

This command, will load the “calltoaction” module position. If you have multiple modules published to this position, all of them will be loaded, so prepare your modules accordingly.

load position call to action module

Save the article, and check out the front-end of your Joomla website. You should now see the image inside your article.

Now you probably ask me, why not to directly insert your image into the article and create a module instead? Well, if you are planning to use the call-to-action image on multiple pages, it is easier to control it via module, then changing each and every article instead.

Use a call-to-action module

Instead using an image, you can also use a call-to-action module. For instance, here is a great call-to-action module, that can be fully customized. You can change any color and also button styles to make it stand out more from your website content.This module is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x versions.

So download this module, and install it to your website as you do with any other Joomla extension. Once installed, go to the Module Manager and set up the module:

1. add the call-to-action title (and description if you want) and choose a color for it


2. choose the background color of the module (choose a color that stands out from the content and which makes the title more prominent)

choose call to module background color

3. set up the button, choose style, color and a FontAweasome icon.

set up call to button style

Publish the module to a custom module position and load the module anywhere in your Joomla article with the {loadposition module_position} function. Just like in the above mentioned example.

Now, refresh your article’s page and make sure that module was set up correctly.

call to module in content joomla

These are the two methods I use to insert a call-to-action form in my projects. Some times I use just a simple image, in other cases I use call-to-action module, depends on the situation. Please let me know which is your favorite method to create a call to action from in Joomla? Submit your feedback in the comments section bellow.

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