How to Create a Musician or Band Website for Free?

If you are musician or you play on a music instrument in a music band, or maybe you are a DJ and looking to create a website, this tutorial will help you for sure.

I know that hiring a web designer or developer for creating your site costs a lot of money. Your project will become more expensive especially if you have some special request such as integration of event or concert calendar a store for selling music or other feature that is not very common.

The maintenance of your site will also cost money. While you have no experience with programming you will have to contact the developer to make the necessary adjustments, update your calendar or upload new images from your last concert.

If you have the willing to learn and time to create and manage your own website, please continue reading. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a musician website for free, being a musician and not a developer.

While you will be able to create your site for free, you still have to spend some money for web hosting and for a premium theme but this is optional. I will explain everything below, but first, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Choosing the website building platform
  • Getting a reliable and inexpensive web hosting
  • Installing your website to the server
  • Editing, customizing and managing your site

It is great that you are still here! In the following I will explain each step in details.

Choosing the Website Builder Platform

When comes to website building, my favorite platform I like to use is WordPress. I use WordPress for all my websites and blogs and also recommend it to my friends and clients.

I like WordPress because it is free to use. You can download it from for no charges. There is no need of knowing advanced programming languages in order to build your website. WordPress is simple and easy to use, so everyone who can create a document in Microsoft Word or Open Office will be able to use WordPress.

Another reason why I choose WordPress is that you can create basically any type of website with it. Why not use WordPress for building a musician website? There are so many plugins that you can use to extend the functionality of your website to transform it into a musician or music bands website.

Ok, so you will be using WordPress. Not let’s find a hosting company that is good and support WordPress too.

Choosing Reliable and Inexpensive Web Hosting

If you do a quick online search, you will find hundreds of different companies offering WordPress hosting services. My suggestion is to select a hosting provider that has good reputation and not only allows hosting WordPress on their servers, but they also can help you with your website if something goes wrong.

I recommend the following three providers for hosting your WordPress built musician website. I have good experience with all of them and they are very good at hosting WordPress sites. They offer a wide range of hosting plans from shared to dedicated servers, this allowing you to grow your site without the need to switch hosting provider, just upgrade to a greater plan.

Web Host Best Price
#1 bluehost best hosting for musician websites $3.95 / mo
#2 inmotion hosting reliable musician website hosting $4.19 / mo  
#3 hostgator good wordpress hosting $3.95 / mo  

Other websites like BeHosted also recommend these companies for hosting musician and music bands websites.

Installing WordPress to Your Server / Website

Each of above mentioned hosting providers offer Quick Installation tool, which enables you to install WordPress in just few clicks. Although you can download the system from the official site and upload it manually to your server, using the quick install tool, will just save you time and effort. This tool will automatically install the latest WordPress version to your domain and will create the database for you.

The QuickInstall does not require any technical skills, just one minute to choose the domain where to install WordPress, set admin login info and website title. I love this feature! Check out this tutorial for a step by step walkthrough on how to create a general website with WordPress. The process is the same for a musician site also, with the difference of using other plugins or theme.

Editing, Customizing and Managing Your Website

Now comes the fun part. After WordPress is installed to your domain, you can access the dashboard by typing the url in the web browser. Here you can login with the user and password you set earlier (or which was generated by the installation tool).

The WordPress dashboard looks like this:

wordpress dashboard musician website

In the left side of the screen you will find all the tools to create pages, change and edit design, configure general settings and install plugins. With plugins you can extend the functionality of your website. Most plugins are available for free in the WordPress repository. You can perform a quick search and find the plugins that you want to install to your music website.

You can search for plugins on your site too, in the Plugins section. Once you find the plugin you need, click the “Install Now” button to add it to your website. Don’t forget to activate the installed plugin.

wordpress music plugins

If you want to change the design of your website, go to “Appearance -> Themes” and search for music themes. Choose the theme you like and install it to your site. Once installed, set it to default theme to change the design.

There are premium themes too specially designed for musician and bands websites. Here are few premium themes that I recommend. These themes come with in-built features so you won’t need to install extra plugins.

sound creative music theme wordpress

soundrock music band wordpress theme


$49Preview & Download

musicpro playlist manager wordpress theme

Wrapping Up!

Hope my guide has helped you to get started with your musician or band website. If you still have questions or need help with your WordPress site, let’s talk in the comments section below.

If you really enjoy this article, I would highly appreciate if you could share it with your friends. Thanks!

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