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eHost has been around for a while. The company has been established back in 1999, and has been offering web hosting and online services ever since. This year, in 2015 has been re-branded: got a new website design, new logo, new control panel. eHost has been running on vDeck but the new service offers cPanel to its customers.

I’m not sure, but probably they will migrate all their customers from the old control panel, because I have found traces of the old website as well. So probably the existing customers are still running on the old platform.

Because the buzz around this web host is so heave, I’ve got a test account for myself to see how this hosting company works. I needed a new hosting anyways, because I’m working on some new projects and needed more web-space. Have been monitoring this host for about one month. Here is a screenshot from my UptimeRobot account: uptime

As you can see the up-time is around 99.98% for the last 30 days, that means that my website was down for about 9 minutes in the last month. In my opinion, this is a very good uptime.

My uptime statistics for the two websites hosted with eHost company for the period September 01, 2015 – October 01, 2015 shows 100% uptime.

ehost uptime october 2015

I’m sharing the results of my tests here:

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Is suitable for small business website hosting?

When you sign up with the company eHost, you have the option to choose between site builder and cPanel hosting. If you are looking to a quick and easy way to get started, you should choose the site builder. If you want to have more control over your site and want to extend its functionality in the future, you should opt for cPanel hosting.

With the site builder you can create your own site in just couple of minutes. Its drag and drop functionality enables you to create pages, style the layout as you want, insert galleries, slideshows, contact form, etc. There are also hundreds of free templates you can choose from to make your website look professional.

With the cPanel hosting option you will be able to install WordPress and other open source software to your domain. As you may know WordPress is one of the best open source website building software, used by millions of websites world-wide. With WordPress you have a lot more options then with the site builder.

You can find out more in this detailed ehost review, that I found on a trusted website.

Is good for eCommerce hosting?

Ehost integrates with MojoMarketplace, this means you can install the most popular eCommerce platforms to your website hosted with eHost. Here is a list of the shopping carts you can install to your eHost account: ZenCart, TomatoCart, Seotoaster, PrestaShop, OS Commerce, OpenCart, Magento, CubeCart, AgoraCart, ShopSite. ecommerce hosting

Although has this amazing feature, its shared host is not suitable for long term eCommerce hosting. An eCommerce website requires much more resources than a simple company presentation website or a blog, so you quickly will overgrow the shared plan. If you are looking to create an online shop, I recommend InMotion hosting.

I will keep testing this hosting, and will come with a more detailed review as I have a full vision on what is going on here. Until then, check out and see what features they offer.

Ehost Reviews by Customers

In the next par of this page you will find reviews of eHost customers. I was unable to verify these reviews because not all users has included their website hosted with eHost. So please consider the following reviews accordingly. As you may see, there are some customers complaining about the eHost’s billing system, while others are pleased with their service.

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  1. jake Reply

    I despise eHOst. They always take duplicate payments out of credit card. I’ve paid for ecommerce but i couldn’t add the function on the website. I’ve complained four times and they still haven’t corrected it. Supercharge makes no difference to the speed, i’ve asked four times to check how i can verify that it was really applied. The same goes for search engine submission. I’ve wasted about 5 hours trying to deal with these problems and they are the worst online company i’ve ever dealt in my life.

    • the grue
      TheGrue Reply

      I’m sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with eHost. I would suggest you to keep insisting until the problem is solved or try to get your money back. They offer 45-day money back guarantee.
      eHost might not be the best choice when it comes to ecoommerce. I would suggest checking out InMotion hosting for e-commerce hosting.

  2. jipp Reply

    Got ripped off by ehost too. It was stated that I only needed to pay USD1.95 for some kind of trial version of a website which I bought on the internet using my credit card. A week later, I was notified that ehost charged me with another USD29.95 without my consent. Damn. Easy money for them.

    • the grue
      TheGrue Reply

      Really? I don’t know about any trial period… They offer a 45 day money back guarantee to test their service. If you don’t like them, submit a request and get your money back.
      Are we talking about the same company here? EHOST.COM ?

  3. Dave Reply

    I could not believe how bad my experience was with eHost.
    They charged me a higher amount than what I signed up for, every email between them took 4 days for a reply, it took 3 emails back and forth to find my account, I finally cancelled my account in disgust, they returned my money and then the next day sent me an invoice for double the sign up amount saying my account was overdue!!!!!!!! Avoid these guys.

  4. McDougal Reply yes – it is complete garbage. A useless website with 24/7 tech service. . . if you don’t mind waiting a couple hours for them to answer the phone and then deal with their b**chy attitude. It is total crap!

  5. Rob Lapaer Reply

    After signing up received a welcome email with wrong details for hosting, after wasting lots of time I contacted support and was given corrected details, of which half were wrong again. An hour long international phone call finally fixed the problem, but after having had my website offline for a couple of days the Google ranking dropped. After my complaints they gave me the phenomenally generous compensation of adding two months to my three year hosting, while the cost of my extra time spent on this with the loss of business of the Google drop would have been well over a thousand dollars.

  6. L. Luse Reply

    I had no problem at all with eHost. For me everything went smooth. I choose to buy hosting from this company because I saw a video on youtube about their site builder. It is so easy and fun to use. Really like it!
    It is unfortunate to see that some customers are treated well while others have only complains about their support and service. So far everything is good for me.

  7. L Adam Reply

    I signed up on 9/23 and called that afternoon to cancel. I’ve sent numerous emails to their support and billing but keep hearing excuses about why I have not gotten a refund yet. Worst customer service ever.

    • the grue
      TheGrue Reply

      May I ask why did you decided to cancel after only few hours? I’m just curious…

  8. George L Reply

    Your uptime chart is lying. How do you get a site with 0ms response time? You are either not tracking properly or you are simply tracking in the chart.

    • the grue
      TheGrue Reply

      I’m not tracking UptimeRobot! Why should I do that? I have decided to share the UptimeRobot stats via their API. Here is the link:
      As you can see, the website built with the site builder has a very good response time: varies between 0 and 150 ms.
      I have added a website built with WordPress to the uptime tracker. That has around 400 ms response time.
      Why is showing 0ms response time? I don’t really know why, but I can ensure you that I’m not lying.

  9. Alex Reply

    I can honestly say that I have had no issues with ehost. I’ve been using them since August for my blog and photos and everything is good. The site builder is easy to use and it is easy to upload photos and edit my website itself. I did notice that I had issues uploading multiple pictures at once. That wasn’t a deal breaker as you can upload the next picture without stopping the previous one.
    I did pay for the yearly subscription so I haven’t had any duplicate or multiple charges to my account.
    Being able to track stats using Google Analytics is also great. Now, I’m not using the website for any time of ecommerce so I don’t know how that side of the ehost works. I intend to keep ehost for the foreseeable future.
    Right now I am trying to add videos to my Blog but I haven’t been able to figure that out. I just sent them an email and I hope to hear a response within the next few days.

  10. Edie Reply

    I don’t understand all of the complaints. I had an issue with the two domains I just ordered. I called and was answered within a minute, the CS rep walked me though linking them and solved a billing issue, all within a few minutes. Can’t ask for more.

  11. Ossie Reply

    Why can I not pay in another currency rather than US$ I find it so frustrating because I end up getting a poor exchange rate as well as a bank charge for handling !

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