Guide to choose a domain name for your website

The internet is a huge network of websites. No matter what information you are looking for there is a webpage already existing that will provide the appropriate answer for your query. Each website can be accessed through an IP address or through a name. This is the domain name, which is combined from three parts: the actual domain name, the dot and the domain extension, such as:,,, and others. But what is the right extensions you should choose and how to pick a good name for your domain? In this tutorial I will teach you how to choose a good domain that can be easily remembered by your website users.

What domain extensions to choose?

When you buy a new domain name, you will have to know what will the purpose for it. As you may know, the .com extension is the most popular, so you probably want to go with this if it is available. If it is not available you can go with .net, .org , .biz, or if you want to target a specific country, the country domain extensions would be the best choice for you.

Ok, now you know what extensions to choose, the next step is to find a good name. You can search for available domain names at web hosting companies or domain registrars, where you can also purchase them. A domain name usually can be rented for a year, and can be renewed each year. You have the right to renew the domain name you registered, but if you let the domain expire, someone else may pick it up and you won’t own it anymore. So remember to renew your domain in time.

branded-domain-namesIf you are registering a domain for your personal site or blog, probably the best choice would be, so persons who knows you and want to read about you, they will type this name in their web browser.

If you have a business, or a good product to sell, and you want to brand it, you may come up with an easy to remember brand name, and register all top level domains (TLD) so you can protect your business and brand.

Choosing keyword domains is good?

What if you don’t want to build a brand, just want to create a website about a certain topic? For this purpose you will want to use a keyword domain. Domains that have keyword in their name are usually best for search engines, however this is not true in every case, but it definitely helps.

The most important things you should know when picking a keyword rich domain is to avoid trademarks. If you want to advertise amazon products on your site, it is not recommended to use a domain that contain the “amazon”, most likely you will lose it and maybe you will also be sued by the trademark holder.

Also, don’t use too many keywords, because longer domains are harder to remember, so your visitors probably will forget it and will never come back, only if they find it again in the search engines.

Are hyphens and numbers a good choice in domain names?

The short answer is: probably not. The longer answer is that people usually forget about domains that are not used on daily basis, and if they need the information that is available on your website, they may remember the keyword of your domain, but will forget to add the hyphens or the numbers, that means they will be directed to another website, that is owned by another person, and you will lose traffic. Only register domains that contain hyphens and numbers if that is a very good domain.

Another thing you should also avoid is the repeat of the same letters too many times. Probably you will not want to register something like, because it looks stupid and people can’t take seriously a site that is called like that, even if it has very good content, and second it is hard to type in if someone wants to access it.

Keep it relevant and simple

If you choose a keyword domain, your site will have to be about a specific topic. It is very hard or in some cases impossible to come up with a new topic on this type of website, probably you will have to register a new domain. Branded domains are more flexible in terms of content, and the audience will be much larger if you choose to go with different topics. Sure you have to have the capacity and the knowledge to create content for every topic, but that is another story. However you decide, make sure the domain name is simple, easily to remember and it is catchy. It will help you in the long run for sure.

Video Tutorial: What is a domain name?

Here is a short video tutorial that explains what a domain name is.

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