How to Reset Admin Password in Joomla 3.x

The administrator or as called in Joomla 3.x, the Super User is able to change anything on the website, can add or delete users, reset other user’s password, and can change own password as well. But what happens if the admin forgets the password, username or email address, or somehow an unauthorized person (hacker) manages to reset and change admin login details using the software’s vulnerability?

The process my be very simple for a regular user, but in case of Super users the process is different. For users with administrator privileges the password can’t be reset with a password request to your email address. When you try to reset the password of the admin a notification will come along saying you have to contact other Super User or use an alternative method.

password reset notice super user

Well if you are the only admin of your website, you will have to change the password in the database. Most hosting providers use phpMyAdmin for database management, so I will show you how to get a new password via this tool. Login to the hosting account where your site is hosted and click the phpMyAdmin icon. This will redirect you to the databases.

phpmyadmin access

If you don’t know which is the database used for your site, you can look it up in the configuration.php file in the root folder (will need to access your site via FTP or check the file in the file manager of your hosting account).

find database name for joomla site

Find the database of your Joomla website in phpMyAdmin and look for the table _users. The table may have a prefix and it may look like this: j3x_users or any other variation, but just ignore that and click on the table.

joomla database table users

The next step to find the and edit the details of Super User.

edit super user password joomla

The password field will contain the old password in encrypted format, so you will want to delete that and set the function column to MD5. After this insert your new password (just your normal none encrypted strong password) and save the table.

enrypted joomla admin password reset

If you did everything right, now you should be able to login to your site with the Super User account.

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