New, Fun & Addictive FaceBook Games to Play

In the first installment of our list of great Facebook games we have talked about some of the most popular applications on the Games directory, over on Facebook. Today, we shall discuss a few additional fun and addictive Facebook games that you can play right now!

The great thing about these games is that they do not require any installation or registration, as you can use your personal Facebook account and you can play them through your browser, with your friends or with strangers.

If you haven’t seen the first list, be sure to check it out, as it contains three entertaining and casual entries. Without further ado, let’s look at another list of addicting games which are being played by millions of people, all around the World!


song pop facebook game

SongPop isn’t really a game, but rather a musical trivia app, but it’s still a lot of fun! If you enjoy any type of music and you are able to recognize songs by listening to only a few second samples, you will love this game. You are able to challenge your Facebook friends to a duel of musical knowledge or you can also start games against random opponents.

At first, you are only able to choose from 6 free playlists that you can master. As you play the game and get more experience in each playlist, new songs will be unlocked, making it more challenging for you as well as your opponent.

Purchasing certain playlists, based on the genre, decade or artist is also a possibility, but you need to opt-in and pay using real money.

There are various achievements that you can acquire, high scores that you can beat and you can even chat with your opponent after a couple of games. You keep taking turns, choosing the most preferred playlists and trying to accumulate as many points as you can by choosing the right answer in the least amount of time.

Pros: If you are a music buff, you will love this game! The variety of songs and artists which are features is amazing and the fact that you can listen to any song on YouTube, iTunes or is also great.

Cons: If you repeatedly play the same playlists, you will encounter the same songs more than once. This can easily be altered by unlocking additional songs each time you level up in that particular genre.


Words With Friends

words with friends facebook game

Words With Friends is a fun and educational application, through which, you can expand your vocabulary, learn new words, all while having a lot of fun. Your main objective in the game is to create words using the available letters. You can try shuffling the letters around, as most of the time this unveils new combinations that you have not seen previously.

Each letter has a point number assigned to it (you can see this in the top left corner of the tile) and based on the letters that you have played, you will get a certain amount of point. Once you have imbedded the letters onto the board, you can click the Play button, to finalize your move.

You can even enable desktop notifications, so you know exactly when you need to come back. A notification pops up whenever one of your opponents makes a play and it’s your turn.

There are certain weekly challenges that you can complete for additional prizes as well. These objectives change each week and you can get ones where you are required to get a certain amount of points or use certain letters in a word. You get Coins for completing these tasks, which allow you to play Daily Puzzles more than once, so it is always highly recommended to do them each week.

This application can also be played on tablets and smartphones, so you can continue playing, regardless of where you go!

Pros: This is a very fun application for those who like these types of games. You can challenge random opponents, based on your current skill level and you can play against your friends as well. You also have your very own profile, where all of your statistics are shown.

Cons: The gameplay can be dull, especially if your opponent requires a lot of time to make a move. You can’t really keep playing the game, as you are limited to 3 opponents at any given time and you need to wait for your turn.


Dragon City

dragon city facebook game

With over 5 million active users, Dragon City is the most popular dragon breeding game on the market right now! The cartoonish design of the game shouldn’t discourage you, as the gameplay is very engaging and detailed.

You play as one of the many Dragon Masters and you can build different habitats for different kinds of dragons on your private island. You also need to purchase or acquire dragon eggs that you can hatch in their corresponding habitats.

You have the option to feed your dragons, thus leveling them up. Once one of your familiars reaches a certain level, it will evolve and take on a new appearance. As dragons level up, they also receive new skills and abilities that they can use it battle. Combining or breeding different dragons will result in a new, unique pet which can be also leveled up.

Growing food through farms is also very important as this is how you upgrade and level your dragons up. Different types of foods are available, depending on how much food you wish to receive as well as how much time you want this process to take.

The Dragon Book contains all the possible combinations and there are over 500 different combos that you can uncover. Leveling your dragon up is important, as you can use them in battle against your friends or against random people in the League. If you win, you proceed to the next stage and if you complete all stages, you get an amazing reward!

This game is also available for Android and Apple products.

Pros: This is a fun game, where you can hatch, breed and train your dragons! There are various things that you can do in it and as you progress through the game, you will unlock new functions and building to choose from.

Cons: Some people might have problems with the amount of time that you need to wait for certain buildings to complete or the time it requires to refill your action points. Without these action points, you cannot do battle for a few hours. Of course, you can always purchase Gems to make your life and gameplay experience much more enjoyable.


Texas HoldEm Poker

texas holdem poker facebook game

Being able to play this very popular card game on Facebook or mobile devices is an opportunity many people cannot resist. Texas HoldEm Poker by Zynga offers a place where people who enjoy gambling can live out their wildest dreams!

You start off with a set amount of chips that you can use in one of the many tables which are available from the main hub. The list contains all of the tables that you can join and if you want to locate ones with lower stakes, you need to scroll down to the bottom.

In order to play this game, you need a few things; knowledge about the rules and card combinations of HoldEm, chips to be able to sit at a table and play as well as a good poker face.

Once you sit at a table, you can chat with your opponents, check, bet or raise based on your current hand as well as purchase various items for yourself or for the whole table.

As the game progresses, after each round, you receive experience based on how well you did. Each time you level up, something new is unlocked for you to use.

If you are not familiar with which hands are better, you can easily search the internet for all of the combinations or you can also choose to turn the Hand Strength Meter on, which is located at the bottom of the screen. This not only tells you your current best option, but it also shows how strong it is on a scale.

Pros: Playing Texas HoldEm is a lot of fun and you can spend hours in this application. There are many different things that you can do in this game, so you are never going to be bored. In addition, you can use your smartphone to access the game and play while traveling or in the bed.

Cons: If you do not like playing this card game, this is certainly not the game for you. Other than this, if you run out of chips, most of the time you will have to spend real money to continue playing or you can also wait for some free daily chips.


The End!

There you have it, another few options when it comes to playing games on the largest social media website; Facebook. If you have never heard about any of the games on the list, be sure to try them out immediately, as you do not know what you are missing out on!

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