The Most Popular and Highly Addictive Facebook Games

This series might not be the typical topic you are use to read on my blog, but I think it will be useful for all those webmasters and internet users who want to take a break from their work.

Facebook is good for many things, including meeting new people, getting it touch with long lost friends as well as finding communities that enjoy the same things as you do. Let’s not forget about another huge aspect of Facebook; games. Being able to compete with your buddies in one of the many applications which are available is amazing!

Taking into consideration that more and more people play some sort of a video game, either on their phones, laptops, tablets or personal computers, it is not surprising that there are some fun and highly addicting games on Facebook alone.

In this list, we will take a closer look at some of the best games in the Facebook Games directory and talk about the game mechanics, payment options, gameplay and many other things. Hopefully, you will find the next game that you can invest hours into from the list below.

Candy Crush Soda Saga

candy crush soda saga facebook game

No list of the best Facebook games would be complete without mentioning one of the installments in the Candy Crush series. What differentiates this installment is the theme of the game as well as some minor gameplay changes. For example, it introduces soda, which makes the candies float to the top of the screen rather than falling down to the bottom. The other great things about this one are the added, new levels that you can play on if you have already perfected Candy Crush Saga.

If you are not familiar with what your main goal in this series is, basically, you need to match 3 of the same candies. These candies all have different colors as well as shapes and you need to build up score, unfreeze gummy bears by matching candies on the frozen tiles, get certain candies to the top of the screen or do one of the other objectives to proceed to the next level. Each level has a certain amount of moves that you can make and if you run out of moves, you have failed.

The main screen of the application is where the map is located. You can see the levels that you have already completed, the next few ones or you can also scroll all the way to the end. As you progress through the game, you will move to new locations and you will meet new characters. The level variety is very nice and you will rarely see similar levels.

There are many special combinations of candies that you can make, which will help you achieve the requirements. This is a very important part of the game and you should learn these combinations to make your gameplay experience much more enjoyable.

For example, by combining candies with the same color in a 2 by 2 radius, you create a fish, which when activated swims to a special tile and activates it. You can also make bombs which destroy all candies in a horizontal or vertical line. By matching 5 of the same, you create a Color Bomb Candy. You can later pair this with any colored candy to destroy all tiles with that color on the field.

Just like in the original game, in Soda, you can purchase Gold Bars for real money, which can be used for various things, like power ups and more moves.

Pros: Anybody who hasn’t tried any of the Candy Crush series should give it a try. The gameplay is highly addicting and you won’t be able to stop playing. The interface as well as the general design of the game is colorful and fun, while the gameplay is challenging at times.

Cons: There is a limit to the amount of lives that you have. Each time you fail a level, you lose one and without the lives you can’t try it again. You can purchase Gold Bars for real money and get refill your lives if you want.


Criminal Case

criminal case facebook game

This puzzle, hidden object game has over 10 million active users and it is one of the most popular Facebook games on the market right now!

The game puts you in the shoes of Officer Ace, a detective who solves murder mysteries and puts criminals behind bars. Throughout the game, you will be assign a variety of different cases and you will need to complete different puzzles to continue with the investigation.

In your first case, you need to find the killer of Rosa Wolf. Collecting evidence, examining the dead body, piecing things together all have their own mini games that you need to complete, but the main part of the game is finding a list of hidden objects in a picture. You have a certain amount of time to do this and you can chain them together for a higher score.

The higher your score, the more stars you gain. You will have to replay levels to gain access to more stars as they are required for certain actions. As you proceed with the investigation, you will uncover new things about the murderer from witnesses, surveillance cameras and other sources.

The last step that you need to do is to choose the right person from the lineup based on the facts that you have learned. Once you arrest the correct person, you can close the case and reap the rewards.

After solving your first case, you can customize a few things about your character, such as the gender, clothes and hair. After this, you are ready to compete with your friends on a leaderboard. There is an energy system which slows the gameplay down, but other than that this is a very fun game if you enjoy puzzles.

Pros: The gameplay is very enjoyable, as you constantly have to do different puzzles, based on what you are trying to accomplish and graphically, the game is amazing, as it shows pretty graphic scenes at times.

Cons: You might not like the energy system, especially since you need to constantly redo levels to get all the available stars. Having to stop because you have run out of energy is a real bummer.


8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool facebook game

8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is another popular Facebook application which is used by people all around the World. Currently it has 4 and a half stars, so based on user feedback, it must be good. In addition, there are millions of players who compete against each other on daily basis.

The game allows you to play 8 Ball Pool with your friends or complete strangers and compete in tournaments or play casually.  If you do not know how 8 Pool works, you have 7 solid and 7 striped balls, with an additional black and white one. The first ball that you hit into one of the corners, using the white ball will be your color and you need to clear all of them from the table.

You shouldn’t try to eliminate the black ball, as it makes you instantly lose. You win by clearing all of the striped or solid balls and only then going for the black one. You can spin the ball by tweaking the white ball in the corner of the screen, when you are playing.

The Pool Shop allows you to buy various things, such as cues with different styles and attributes, table designs, chat packs as well as Pool Cash. There are items that can be purchased using the currency that you earn by playing the game and competing in tournaments as well as some for which you need to pay real money.

Pros: This is a simple game of 8 Pool. If you like the game, you will surely enjoy this application as well. Playing against your friends is also a lot of fun, as you can compete in real time. You can also communicate with your opponent using the available chat commands.

Cons: The only thing that you can do in this game is to play 8 Ball. If you do not enjoy the gameplay, this might not be the right game for you. Being able to purchase stronger cues for real money also introduces an unfair advantage to those who choose to purchase Pool Bucks.


Wrapping up!

These are some of the most popular games on Facebook right now. The great thing about these games is that there is no steep learning curve and anybody can play them, regardless of their age, sex or nationality. You also don’t have to constantly play them in order to get to the endgame, so you can play them for a couple of hours and continue tomorrow or whenever you feel like playing.

Many games have a built-in chat system or a community of sorts. This is a great way to meet new people and make new friends, as the people that you meet in these games love the same things as you do; amazing video games.

If you have enjoyed the list, come back next time when we discuss another batch of Facebook games which can be played for free. Until then, be sure to try these games out if you haven’t already, as they truly are a lot of fun!

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