WordPress 4.1 is Coming – What are the new features?

The WordPress 4.0 version was released about two months ago and came with lots of new features. The WordPress 4.1 version is planned to be release in mid of December 2014 and you can expect a lot of new stuff from this version. Let’s see what the improvements of the new 4.1 version are.

Distraction free editing and writing mode

wordpress distraction free writing

This new feature allows you to hide the metaboxes and navigation menu in the dashboard while writing the content and automatically switch back to normal mode if you move the mouse cursor away from the WYSIWYG.

To activate or deactivate this mode, you simply click on the icon in the top right side of the editor.

New inline formatting toolbar for images

image toolbar

With the new 4.1 version you will be able to edit and align the images more easily in the post editor. By clicking on the image the alignment and editing option icons will pop up automatically. This is a very cool feature and will make the image editing much faster and easier.

New default theme – Twenty Fifteen

twente fifteen

Twenty Fifteen is a simple and clean blog theme, ready for SEO and is also responsive. It uses the Noto Serif and Sans font styles from the Google font directory. These font styles are compatible with many languages and support special characters, so users don’t need to change font style if you their blog is not in English.

wordpress theme customizer

The theme customizer allows you to choose from the few base color schemes or make your own color combination. You can also add image to header (image will be added in the left sidebar) and background and make the theme look unique.

Install new language pack easily

In the 4.0 version you were able to choose the language before installation; this is not changed in the 4.1 version, but now makes it easier to switch between languages by allowing you to install a new language pack right from the admin dashboard area:

wordpress language pack installation

Forget about uploading a new language pack via FTP and change settings files. Simply select the language you want to install and the system will automatically download and install the language packs for you.

New toys for developers

The new 4.1 version comes with many new features for developers to test.

Improvements to queries – improved date, comment and taxonomy and rewritten meta query.

New title tags – if you are starting theme development with version 4.1 you will have use the following code:

function theme_slug_setup() {

add_theme_support( 'title-tag' );


add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'theme_slug_setup' );

If you want to make older themes to be compatible with WordPress 4.1, you will have to use the following function:

if ( ! function_exists( '_wp_render_title_tag' ) ) :

function theme_slug_render_title() {

echo '<title>' . wp_title( '|', false, 'right' ) . "</title>\n";


add_action( 'wp_head', 'theme_slug_render_title' );


Customizer API – lots of improvements for contextual panels, controls and sections.

Broadly these are the new features that are included in the WordPress 4.1 version. At this point it is still in beta testing, but you can already download it for yourself to play around with it, however it is not recommended yet to be used for a website, we should wait until the stable version is released.

Please let us know in the comments which are the features you are excited about.

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